In Situ Testing

In situ testing is a method of evaluating feedstuffs by placing them in a dacron bag inside the rumen of a high producing cow. This gives a true picture of the rate and extent that material degrades in the rumen. It is being used to evaluate corn silage hybrids and to determine the value of feeds for ration formulation.

Technical Support
From time to time, many companies find that they cannot do all they want to do for their sales team. We maintain a consulting team that can fill this technical services gap. From solving specific problems to general training, a technical services program can be tailored to your needs.

Product Development
Experience, knowledge, literature, and expertise can be brought together to provide new products. Our team can participate in think tank discussions to actual development of product. All is confidential and to your needs.

Research Services
Products and concepts can be tested, in vitro, in situ, using small scale animal trials, and large scale animal trials. We maintain facilities and relationships that provide an excellent environment to conduct field research.

Web Design
We create custom web solutions to fit the individualized needs of our clients. Including complete web site design, on-line databases, and e-commerce.
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